COCHABAMBA – It’s always been Inter Campus’ philosophy, it’s why you can find us in so many different countries: to listen patiently and respect local traditinos, so that the Nerazzurri colours can slowly become part of them. It happens all over the world, but especially in Bolivia.

Here we were welcomed with open arms more than ten years ago, and today we feel even more part of the background. Together with the Casari Committee, we’re a reference point for all children and their families. We’re so united and together that even the Tinku community, the people who live in the Andes, have gladly combined their rhythmic dancing with playing football alongside Inter Campus.

Both young and old together to cultivate the past traditions with the smiles of the future generations. And these generations meet on a football pitch, despite their differing ages and different experiences that we never stop listening to.

That’s why, tomorrow at 15:00 CEST, Massimo Casari, the founder of the aforementioned committee and local partner of Inter Campus Bolivia since 2008, will be live on Instagram with us for the first time ever.