MEXICO CITY – The staff of Inter Campus have returned from their trip to Mexico, where they visited the Valle de Ecatepec State University on the outskirts of Mexico City. Some of the children involved in the project, which has been running since 2004, live in the Mexican capital – particularly the rough districts of Tepito, Candelaria and Ceylan.

During the visit, the university pitches were made available for the young Intercampisti to play and train under the supervision of our coaches, Juri Monzani and Silvio Guareschi. There was also a team of local coaches from Mexico City and the other Inter Campus centres in Queretaro and Silao. The visit lasted four intense days, encompassing lectures in the morning and training in the afternoon.

The aim was to share new working methods and further consolidate the project in Mexico. As is always the case, the local staff showed great enthusiasm and interest for the course. The coaches made use of their free time to share opinions, working methodologies and ways of improving the experience for the children. The coaches are with the children every step of the way – even accompanying them from their homes through the chaos of the city to the training pitches. They give up a large part of their day, to be repaid only in smiles and the progress made by the kids – both on and off the pitch.

The objective of the sporting and educational activities organised by Inter Campus is to help these children overcome their problems, which are often linked to the poverty and violence which surrounds them. In football, they can find a powerful vehicle for growth, both personally and in terms of their relationships with others. Another issue that the local instructors and our own personnel – who visit the children frequently – have to tackle is that of recognising and managing the lack of education which often characterises their lives.

We would like to express special thanks to the management of the Valle de Ecatepec State University for their collaboration and the sensitivity they show to the children and their families.  



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