MANAGUA – When it comes to Inter Campus projects, the support provided by embassies, consulates and ministries is vital for them to be carried out successfully: through these entities, we’re able to get in touch with local communities and best understand where and how we can contribute. For a number of years now, our relationship with the institutions in Nicaragua and especially the Ministries for Tourism and Sport has developed and transformed into a pleasant friendship. Proof of this fruitful partnership is the letter that the Minister for Tourism, Anasha Campbell, recently wrote to Inter Campus, in which she thanked us for the work being done in Managua to help children from some of the capital’s most dangerous neighbourhoods.

“The social work being carried out by Inter Campus is admirable and selfless in nature, with children in vulnerable situations in Nicaragua and throughout the world being cared for. Sport is used as a tool to restore the right to enjoy recreational activities, receive an education, learn fundamental values, have access to social and health protection and live in peace, all of which the government is working to achieve. All of this shows our children that they can fulfil their dreams through dedication, commitment, love and discipline, thus helping to develop and improve the quality of life enjoyed by communities on a global level.

“The Inter Campus programme also facilitates the coming together of cultures and makes a contribution in promoting tourism in the countries where it operates thanks to the way in which those involved with Inter Campus work together. They have the opportunity to enjoy authentic experiences, take in natural and cultural wonders and experience the warmth, kindness and hospitality shown by locals. Through this, they become tourist promoters.”

Sincere words that fully capture the feeling of mutual affinity that has developed in recent years. Thank you, Minister Campell, and we’ll see you out on a football pitch in Managua soon to continue to watch your young community grow, play and have fun.