MANAGUA – Triggered last April, the political crisis that has hit Nicaragua over the past few months has not hindered our project from continuing its work. The desire and commitment shown in 2014 to help the local community, and particularly, the hundreds of children that today take part in our activities, is possibly now, even stronger.

Following a period where we had to halt training sessions due to issues of safety, activities are now back in full flow with plenty of fresh faces who’ll soon receive their new Nerazzurri shirts.

The local coaches, coordinated by Arquimedes Morales, have also multiplied and intensified their work and effort to help integrate the new children. They’ve resumed their work with the maximum enthusiasm and dedication to guarantee these children their right to play. All of this, as always, is thanks to the support of our two local partners (the Nicaragua Joven Association and Il Centre de Audicion e Integracion Escolar) and the Minister of Sport, Marlon Torres.

There are no fearful or scared faces out on the pitch, on the contrary, the laughter and hugs of the children are a signal of newly-founded friendships – ones that are already strong. Peacemaking and the return to stability across the country pass also from these children, from their development and also their ability to retain the positive values that Inter Campus passes on to them.