MANAGUA – In 2018, at 10 years old, Carlos began his adventure with Inter Campus, along with some friends from the same neighbourhood of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua,. Four years after joining the Nicaraguan project, and under the careful, loving guidance of his coaches during that time ( Arquimedes, Cesar, Wilber, David, Allan), Carlos, by his own admission, has radically changed. At an age where change is easily impressed upon children, but also the fact that now at 14 years old, he is one of the eldest kids to take part in Inter Campus activities.

Carlos says: “I have a lot of belief in myself! I always give my best, on the football pitch and at school! One of the many things I’ve learned during my time here is that it’s alright to make mistakes. I’m not afraid to make mistakes, because next time I know I’ll do better! Of course, football is easier. If I’m struggling, I can just turn around and look for a team-mate to pass the ball to, but at school we also have team spirit.”

In June, the 14-year-old and his classmates’ time with Inter Campus will come to an end. As he reflects upon this he smiles, which could seem strange, however his coaches who know him best, Allan and David, explain the meaning of that smile. They have seen many kids leave Inter Campus beaming. “It’s true, when they turn 14, they stop training with us, but they never leave us. They always come back, to see the friends they met during training and without a doubt they don’t stop wearing the Nerazzurri jersey.”

Carlos was smiling because what he learned with Inter Campus he will carry with him for the rest of his life.