MILAN – This summer Inter Campus returned to Sidi Moumeen on the outskirts of
Casablanca in Morocco to play with the children of the neighbourhood
made up of shacks and tenements where fundamentalism is taking hold among
youngsters who have little hope for the future.

In cooperation with Soleterre Onlus and the El Messir organisation, Inter
Campus offers ongoing sporting activity that works with the school and the
various educational initiatives in the neighbourhood, with special attention given to
sports for boys and girls.

This visit was particularly significant because it was held during the period
of Ramadan, when men and women above the age of puberty are required to fast
during the day. The children of Inter Campus, for the most part below this age,
were able to take part in the course on the pitch, but for the boys aged 12 and
13 the desire to train and play with Juri Monzani and Raffaele Quaranta, the
two coaches who arrived from Italy, was especially strong. And even though they
were observing Ramadan, they wanted to participate in training and games just
the same, displaying their great strength of will and enthusiasm, just as the
coaches did who were present at the course. The joy of the children and the
professionalism of our local partners, coordinated by Wafa Latif for Inter
Campus Morocco and Loubna Handou for Soleterre Onlus, also won out over the
sweltering heat and the difficulties of fasting. See you in February