KRACOW – Inter Campus have made their first visit of the season to the beautiful city of Kracow. Our first stop was the parish of Saint Hedwig, located in a working class district in the north of the city. For years it has performed a social and educational role in preventing youth problems through sport. Along with Olek Kawiorski, who runs the Inter Campus Poland project, 300 children – nearly all of them blond with light-coloured eyes, covered up against the biting cold – awaited us with their coach ready to get stuck into the activity.

The project has been considerably expanded this year to include an orphanage run by French nuns and a reformatory for adolescents in the outskirts of Kracow, where with the help of Inter Campus the youngsters try to get back to a normal life. We spent a wonderful few days with them and the training sessions were a success.

Special greetings to Franek, a 10-year-old boy with leukaemia who, after a year of treatment and several cycles of chemotherapy, is now kicking a ball again. A heart-warming example of perseverance that we can all learn from.