CASABLANCA – The delegation from Inter Campus is back in Sidi Moumen, a tough suburb of Casablanca. This time the delegation worked with 140 children and 10 coaches from the el Massir association, on the pitch which has finally been fenced off and protected in the midst of the council houses which are being built to take the place of the shantytown.

Massimo Seregni, Raffaele Quaranta and Paola Balconi had the pleasure of meeting the four new young female instructors who will follow both the very young and the girls involved in the project. In collaboration with Soleterre Onlus, work goes on to support people and especially girls in the quarter where fundamentalism is strong among the inhabitants, who live in poverty having been uprooted from their rural origins due to urbanisation. Following the morning theory session came practical work in the shape of a tournament for the children who had been presented with the new kit and photos of their heroes from Inter’s first team. The coaches finished off the series with a couscous meal all together, to say goodbye and arrange to meet up again in the summer.