[Inter Campus in China to Jinding School]

Our Inter Campus delegation has just arrived back from another visit to Shanghai to check up on the progress of the Nerazzurri social project in China, which has been running in collaboration with the Department of Education and Jinding School since 2015.

Situated in Putuo District, Jinding School was built by the government in 2007 to provide the children of immigrants with a place to study.

The 125 boys and girls from Jinding School taking part in the Inter Campus China project come from very humble families, many of whom left China’s remote provinces and rural areas to make the move to Shanghai in search of work.

At the start of our weeklong visit the children were presented with their brand-new Inter jerseys, which they promptly pulled on over their thermals (it’s cold in China at this time of year!). Inter Campus coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Dario Tripol then put the youngsters through their paces out on the pitches.

The most striking thing about these boys and girls was their incredible discipline and the amazement and excitement with which they would greet every new task or exercise.

Running alongside these sessions was technical and educational training for the five PE teachers, who act as the local instructors at Jinding School.



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