A challenge that Hungary has been facing for decades now is dealing with changing demographic dynamics, something which was triggered by the opening of the borders and subsequent departure of millions of people to Western Europe. This has resulted in various problems, like, for example, children being left by parents who move abroad to find a job, trying to promote integration between migrants and local communities, or the abandonment of many rural villages for large cities with better economic prospects.

Since 2010, Inter Campus has been carrying out its social work in Hungary in this context. Our project aims to foster integration between the Roma and indigenous communities in the village of Szendrolad, support children from the Cseppko orphanage in Budapest and, through our newly established hub in Debrecen, fight the abandonment of the rural village of Bakonszeg through sports and educational activities.

Continuous discussions and dialogue with our local partner is vital when it comes to identifying the most effective way to address these central issues in modern-day Hungary. During the ten years that Inter Campus has been here, hundreds of children have worn the Nerazzurri shirt and grown up playing together, with diversity and inclusiveness being recognised and promoted in the process.