MILAN – The first Inter Campus Day was held today, an initiative which brings together the pediatric oncology department of Monza’s San Gerardo hospital, the Maria Letizia Verga Committee and Inter Campus, in aid of children recovering from, or cured of, leukemia.

On the football pitch at Sport Park in Vedano al Lambro, made available by club G.S. Vedano, the Inter Campus coaches organised fun games and training sessions for 30 boys and girls. The activity was prepared by combining the expertise of Inter Campus and the medical staff to create a format that was adapted to the young participants.

The project aims to show that, in the majority of cases, a child who has suffered from an oncological disease can go back to living a normal life and start or recommence exercise. This is the message the team have tried to put across, and they are planning further meetings as the season progresses.

Sport, playing and sharing are things all children should have a right to, and they contribute to their physical, emotional and social recovery, especially for kids like these, who have already had to deal with great hardship so young.



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