CASABLANCA – Shortly after Moroccan international Houssine Kharja made his debut as a Nerazzurri player, an Inter Campus delegation returned to Morocco, in the outskirts of Casablanca. There, in the Sidi Moumen quarter and with the support of the Soleterre Onlus and El Massir associations, Inter Campus coaches Raffaele Quaranta and Gabriele Raspelli ran a training course for ten local trainers (eight male and two female), who work with the children living in this deprived neighbourhood of the city. It is an areas where housing estates are starting to replace the shanty towns but where unemployment and poverty are still widespread.

During the visit a special event was organised for 200 boys and 100 girls: a special day with games and tournaments, Inter Campus sports equipment and other gifts handed out, and a final party organised with the participation of the el-Mjid foundation. There are many charities working in this quarter on humanitarian projects and especially for the promotion of women’s rights. The Inter Campus girls and female trainers are therefore a concrete example that can help reinforce the fortitude of young Moroccan women.