[Inter Campus Bolivia, determination and passion of women]

COCHABAMBA – Beneath the towering Mount Tunari at nearly 9,000 feet, the Inter Campus delegation continued their precious work training Bolivian coaches who showed keen interest during the classroom sessions.

The theoretical content focused on how to structure a training session and the four areas of a child’s personality that are impacted during exercises. The coaches then had the chance to put all that into practice in the numerous field sessions that ran over the course of the trip.

As ever, the stars of the show were the 200 plus kids who trained on the pitches of Cochabamba. The group included a girls’ team of determined 12-13 year olds, ably led by their coach Elsa – proof that hard work and daily commitment can occasionally produce unexpected results. It didn’t take them long to win the hearts and minds of our coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Paola Balconi. They also enjoyed a nice chat with Paola after one particular training session.

Paola listened to their stories and answered their numerous questions about the years she spent playing in the women’s Serie A. She was also overcome with emotion when one of the girls looked up at her hopefully and asked, “Do you really think I can make it?”

Chasing your dreams and hearing how other people made theirs come true makes yours seem more achievable, wherever you are in the world.



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