RAMNICU VALCEA – Anguish and joy accompanied our visit to Romania. For the end of the school year party, the children were able to demonstrate their commitment to music lessons they put into action with the Monzino Foundation and, full of joyful emotion, they performed folk songs and violin and piano recitals. Finally the dream was realised of filling the free time of the orphaned and abandoned children of Inter Campus Romania with football and music, thanks to the valuable supervision of Lydia Dobre.

To accompany us were six fantastic clowns of the Silikon Klaun association, who, together with the Inter Campus instructors, provided enjoyment to all the kids dressed in Inter colours at the federal sports centre, during the morning of games and football, which was excellently managed by Gabriele Raspelli, Annalisa Novembre and Giorgio Colnaghi.

At the same centre the first technical training course was held, in which 80 local coaches participated in the presence of our coaches Alberto Giacomini, Paola Balconi, Lorenzo Forneris and Dimitru Telespan. The visits to orphanages and the family’s homes always weigh heavily on the heart, but when playing with the young boys and girls, the atmosphere becomes sparkling, intense and full of carefree smiles.

Francesco Toldo, who devoted his time, attention, precious words and energised play to all the children, will soon describe his very personal experience to us.

On Sunday 19 June the special produced by Silvia Vallini and dedicated to Inter Campus Romania will be broadcast on Sky Sport 24, featuring interviews with Francesco Toldo and Christian Chivu: the first part will be included in the editions at 9:00 and 11:00, and the second part in the editions at 16:00 and 21:00.