Inter Campus was once again in Nanjing, where it continued to educate and share the methodologies of F.C. Internazionale’s corporate social responsibility programme.

Football has been really taking off in China in recent years, with the government pushing to cement the sport’s place in the country’s education system. For this reason, Suning and Amity Foundation are committed to providing support to 25 primary schools by implementing a programme aimed at not only improving school facilities, but also offering physical education teachers specific training when it comes to imparting knowledge on the game. This is where the work of Inter Campus comes in: our programme includes technical, educational and social aspects, thus putting the children and their natural propensity to play and have fun first.

This is why Inter Campus coaches/educators have once again held a three-day training course for 46 local teachers, to whom they provided information in the classroom and on the pitch regarding the methods underpinning Inter Campus’s work with 39 boys and girls from the school present.

The latest mission concluded in Shanghai, where Inter Campus has been supporting the Jin Ding School for five years now. The school is located in the Putuo District, an area mostly inhabited by people who have moved from rural regions of the country. As usual, the 125 children involved in the project welcomed the Inter Campus delegation with great enthusiasm and got to enjoy playing and moments of great fun on the school’s small pitch.

Inter was one of the very first European teams to play in China in the 1960s and now the Nerazzurri, thanks to Suning’s wide-ranging outlook and strategic vision, are once again proving to be pioneers in promoting football with social aspects included, something which represents an important part of our sporting/educational programme in China.