MILAN – Bafia, Douala, Yokadouma, Yaounde, Mbalmayo, Garoua. 22 coaches from all corners of Cameroon met in Yaounde to follow the refresher course on life skills and Inter Campus. Connecting to them via video, on the small computer screen, makes us long to go back and meet these extraordinary men and women in person, some of whom travelled – literally – days to be there, because there is no signal where they live. This is the case for Beatrice from Yokadouma, in the forests in the east of the country, and for Thomas from Garoua, in the desert of the north. And yet they were all there, having a summit on current activities and setting up the content they will be responsible for during the Nerazzurri’s project in Africa, co-financed by the UEFA Foundation.

Their experiences of sport in rural areas and helping children on the streets will complement those that their Angolan, Congolese and Ugandan colleagues have had. As is often the case, Inter Campus will bind skills and traits that already exist and help them emerge. For example, resilience, something which is more relevant than ever for those who are already accustomed to facing daily difficulties but who have become stronger and are always eager to learn how to do more for the children of their respective countries.

Their desire to get involved and work together is the secret behind every Nerazzurri project. And while the images are slightly grainy, it doesn’t matter: we know that they’re doing a wonderful job.