SHANGHAI – Inter Campus are launching a new programme in Shanghai in partnership with the Department of Education and the Shanghai Jin Ding School in Pu tuo, represented by head teacher Wang Zhihua.

The school is attended by families who come from remote areas looking for work in the big city. Inter Campus’ project will involve 200 children from the school aged 6-13, along with five educator-coaches.

Inter Campus’ activities and their educational approach will be introduced as a school subject, in line with the recent decision of president Xi Jinping to insert football into compulsory school syllabus by 2017.

After the refresher course run by Inter Campus, the programme was officially unveiled today, 20 March 2015. The contracts were signed after a series of formal speeches. The kids then each received a Nerazzurri shirt and were finally able to play in the resulting tournament.

We look back over the week in China courtesy of these photos from Franco Origlia.

Special thanks go to:

Mrs. Wang Zhihua, principal at the Jinding School

Mrs. Zhangjing, vice principal at the Jinding School

Mr. Cui Zijian, secretary of the Jinding School branch

Mr. Yang Jianxin, vice president of the Pu tuo Sports Bureau

Mr. Zheng Jianguo, vice president of the Pu tuo Education Bureau

Mr. Li Jinlong, director of the Tao Pu School Union

Mr. Wang Li, director of the activity centre for young people

Mr. Ren Shutang, PE researcher at the Pu tuo Education Institute

Mrs. Teng Yinglei, manager of the Pu tuo Sunshine physical activity programme

Alberto Cazzaniga for his support and work in launching the project





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