MILAN – “The industry we’re involved in has been forced to deal with so many constraints due to the pandemic, but, as always, we’ve never given up and have fought to get things going again.” These were the words of Vice-President Vincenzo Mandelli as he spoke about DB Schenker’s partnership with Inter Campus and their recent contract renewal.

“So it’s with great pride that we confirm our desire to continue our collaboration with the Nerazzurri social project, supporting it with the same commitment that we’ve always shown. We love the project, the people involved in it, the smiles on the children’s faces, the passion, the mix of values that is difficult to find in other contexts.” CEO Federico Girgenti echoed this sentiment with the following words: “We’re delighted that the partnership between DB Schenker and Inter Campus has been renewed: in such a difficult year, we believe in this project and its values now more than ever. We’re proud to be able to continue to make a contribution to the initiative.”

Despite the current difficulties, DB Schenker continues to ensure that Inter shirts are handed out to children throughout the world, thus allowing them to wear their favourite colours, a symbol of belonging to the Nerazzurri family. It’s a precious contribution that makes thousands of youngsters happy.