BEIJING – Stories are normally either lived or told; only a lucky few get to do both. For the last fifteen years Nicoletta Flutti, head of communication and development for Inter Campus, has been one of those lucky few. She lives and tells stories.

Three years ago she had an idea that sounds simple only in principle: since Inter Campus is aimed at children of all the world, wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could spread its universal message? Something that goes beyond the different languages and even across the boundary between childhood and adulthood. That’s how Inter Campus comic was born: a series of symbolic stories that reflect the dream of being able to play and live a happy childhood, boy or girl. wherever they may be. The language matters little because the language of comics is universal.

Jacopo Ziliotto, a professional graphic design artist, gave shape and colour to the stories, which are much more effective than any business card. Inter Campus comic, the first edition in Chinese, makes its debut in a land where Inter Campus began thirteen years ago, in Qingdao, teaching the kids how to enjoy themselves with the Nerazzurri shirt and a ball.