[An addition to the Roong Village]

An Inter Campus delegation recently returned from Cambodia filled with enthusiasm and delight: the secondary school that was previously being built in Roong village has finally been completed and inaugurated under the auspices of our local partner Missione Possibile.

During the years Inter Campus has worked in Cambodia – that is from 2011 until the present day – many children from the village (young Inter Campus members) have remained hopeful of attending high school and university. This would give them the opportunity to avoid having to work in factories after leaving school, thus helping them to forge their own futures.

Missione Possibile is committed to fulfilling the dreams of those children who have put on the Inter shirt in the past, and now they have access to better and more comprehensive education.

Through the game of football, Inter Campus provides educational support to 175 boys and girls every year. Today more than ever, it is clear what this project’s mission is.