MILAN – Promising start-up company Crafted Society, which works to promote Italian manufacturing around the world, has been announced as the new partner of Inter Campus Bosnia & Herzegovina. The company will work in collaboration with the renowned artist Roger Selden.

Selden has bought into the idea of using sport as a driver for social change, teaming up with Crafted Society to produce a range of stunning scarfs, with 5% of the net revenues going to Inter Campus. This contribution will help to consolidate the Inter Campus project in Sarajevo and Domanovici, near Mostar, where the objective is to promote ethnic and religious integration.

In Sarajevo, Inter Campus works with children from a range of ethnic groups, many of which come from socially and economically vulnerable areas. In Domanovici, meanwhile, the project represents the only chance for around 100 Muslim and Christian children to integrate. Thanks to Inter Campus, these children are able to play together on a regular basis.