“My siblings and I grew up at a time when we lived together and respected one another but the war created a wall of distrust and hatred. During the conflict, I dreamed of being able to bring my children up in a calm, peaceful world where I could teach them respect, tolerance and peace. That’s why I’m here today and why my four children take part in the Inter Campus project, which for the people of Domanovici is a oasis of brotherhood in a cold desert of distrust. I believe our aim – via Inter Campus – is to be a source of inspiration for the community and our leaders so that everyone can work towards building a peaceful future for Christians and Muslims.”

This was the emotional account of Marijana, a mother of four children who benefit from the Inter Campus project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In just a few lines, she managed to convey the concerns of many of the country’s inhabitants but also the hope that together they can believe in change.

Inter Campus has had a huge social impact at its two sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo and Domanovici. The experience is the latest example of how sport – and football in particular – is a crucial means of promoting peace. Inter Campus’ local partners Sprofondo Bezdan and Dubrave were very efficient as usual and once again we continued training local coaches Ahmed, Jasmin, Drajan and Tomislav. We also worked with 150 kids on the pitch.

We’ll be back in September to support a project which is making the difference to hundreds of lives and we hope to play our part in securing a peaceful future for Bosnia and Herzegovina.