RECIFE – The sports centre in the district of Boa Viagem, a large poor community where most of the Inter Campus children come from, is one of the only publicly-run areas in Recife.

We’ve been allowed to hold training sessions here on the artificial pitches for many years free of charge, alongside local coach Luciano and around 100 children.

Our sessions may vary in subject matter but the technical objective is always the same: building mutual trust. It’s important to trust your team-mates and work together if you want to be successful, overcoming suspicion and often fear. These qualities are things that can and should be coached, on a par with aspects of the sport itself. In fact, they are the most important lessons the kids will take home with them. Once again, the role of the coach is vital when choosing the exercises, reassuring the kids when they get nervous and using football as a tool for personal development.

While the children were learning and having fun, the owner of the sports centre Fabio approached us for a chat. “I’m happy and honoured to host the Inter Campus project,” he said. “As people actively involved in football, I believe we have the duty to give something back to society, sharing some of the good fortune we have with those who need it most. This community recognises it as well: for example, we’re the only facility that hasn’t been vandalised in the entire district. It might be a coincidence, but I believe it’s because of the care for society that distinguishes us.”

The feeling of mutual trust is certainly worth it!